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INTRODUCING HAIR RULES™-- Hair Care and Styling Solutions for a Multi-textural World --

NEW YORK (January 2008) - For decades, women with textured hair (defined as kinky, curly and wavy) have waged a war with themselves. They’ve struggled with hair that by “mainstream” standards is perceived as unfashionable, unprofessional and unacceptable. Surprisingly, approximately 60 percent of the world’s population has textured hair, yet, so many of these women lack the knowledge and tools to enhance its natural beauty.

Introducing Hair Rules, an integrated collection of cleansers, conditioners and styling aids specifically formulated for kinky, curly and wavy hair. Textured hair is prone to being dry, brittle and frizzy. As a result, it expands and separates, diminishing the natural curl pattern, and making it difficult to tame and style. Hair Rules overcomes extreme dehydration to yield defined, lustrous, frizz-free curls with an exceptional blend of softeners and hydrators.

Hair Rules is the brainchild of Anthony Dickey, a salon, editorial and celebrity stylist who has worked with clients such as Michele Obama, Rihanna, Minnie Driver, Kelis and Sarah Jessica Parker. In 2003, Dickey wrote a book entitled, Hair Rules The Ultimate Hair care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly and Wavy Hair (Random House), in an effort to educate women about how to properly care for textured hair, and help them overcome negative stereotypes associated with hair that is not straight.

The inspiration for Hair Rules came from Dickey’s first-hand experiences with women day in and day out who lamented the state of their textured hair – and wanted something different. “I always believed that helping women love their hair the way it was meant to be, was an essential first step towards getting them to love themselves – just the way they are,” says Dickey.

A Closer Look at the Conventional Product Landscape

“With a few exceptions, there’s a surplus of shampoos on the market that are entirely too drying for textured hair,” explains Dickey. “These products strip the hair of its natural oils, and then try to replace it with conditioners that only serve to perpetuate a cycle of hair frustration. “The fundamental shortcoming lies in a lack of education by the industry on how to properly care for this particular hair type,” continues Dickey.

Typically, products geared to the kinkiest of textured hair have been relegated to their own special section in the drugstore aisle. There are generally two types: those that chemically alter and those that tame with greasy or waxy ingredients. Geared to smooth styles, these products neither promote nor celebrate the natural texture of kinky hair. On the other hand, the few products that do are niche by comparison, hard to find and lack simplicity.

In Dickey’s opinion, of the products marketed to (non-kinky) curly hair, they typically offer a one-dimensional approach, requiring some degree of trial-and-error experimentation, and don’t always address the multiple textures of an ethnically diverse world. “What these women really need is the knowledge, and a set of standards in hair care and styling, to address their hair’s special needs,” says Dickey.

Introducing a New Set of Rules

Hair Rules is the FIRST and ONLY hair care line specifically created for ALL TEXTURED hair – across the texture spectrum – for wash-n-go results. Each Hair Rules product contains a combination of moisturizers, strengtheners and shine-enhancing ingredients, including panthenol, honey, Hawaiian ginger root extract, hops, job’s tears and hydrolyzed wheat protein. The collection, infused with fresh, Caribbean-inspired notes of zesty citrus, clean florals and warm spices, is designed to be easy to use, liberating women from a complicated routine to produce healthy, bouncy, beautiful curls.

Hair Rules launched in April 2008 at www.hairrules.com and is also available at Ricky’s New York, blissworld.com and naturallycurly.com.


INTRODUCING HAIR RULES NEW YORK - First and Only Multi-Textural Salon in the US

NEW YORK (May 2009) – In New York City, the global epicenter of cultural and ethnic cross-pollination, there’s never been an A-list salon catering to the collective … but individual… needs of a multi-textural world, from the truest classification of kinky hair to “won’t hold a curl” straight and every texture in between. Until now… Introducing Hair Rules New York, the first salon where ALL women can co-exist under one, welcoming roof and receive unparalleled service from an elite team of stylists and colorists.

The root of the problem…
“From the first day of cosmetology school, rather than learning how to style and care for textured hair in its natural form, stylists are taught to view it as a problem that needs to be solved, usually with damaging chemical processes,” explains A. Dickey, celebrity stylist and creative director of Hair Rules, a hair care brand he co-founded with former model, Kara Young. That “make it silky straight” mentality has driven perceptions about what’s socially, professionally and fashionably acceptable. “The industry has been slow to evolve its thinking,” says Dickey. “While salons believe they cater to a broad clientele, most stylists would admit they’re not entirely comfortable working with kinky hair.” And for salons that do specialize in texture, the landscape is even more fractured, with some trafficking in excessive heat, others specializing in weaves and relaxers, and others promoting only natural styles such as braids, locks and twists.

Time for new set of rules…
“Hair Rules takes everything we know about the hair industry and turns it on its head,” explains Dickey, who authored a straight-talk guidebook for women embattled by their texture called Hair Rules the Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly and Wavy Hair (Random House), now in its third printing.

Hair Rules New York will offer the healthiest approach to hair care and styling. This translates to nothing short of the best talent in the business, providing an exceptional level of service for all hair types. But those with textured hair will find particular relief from the shackles of their flat irons, straightening treatments, relaxers and weaves, if they so choose. At Hair Rules, curls are viewed not as a problem to be solved, but a positive attribute that is easily enhanced if you forget everything you’ve ever been taught about curly or kinky hair. “Our mantra is ‘stop the crimes against your hair!” says Dickey.

Heading up color and salon education will be Kathy Golatti, a 20+-year veteran, whose tenure at Louis Licari, earned her industry accolades and an impressive following of celebrity clients, including x, y and z.

The 2,160 square foot loft space, located in Manhattan’s diverse Clinton (aka Hell’s Kitchen) neighborhood, was designed in collaboration with Giovanni Canales, and will feature eight cutting stations, four color stations, four drying stations and a formal living room where clients can relax and unwind between appointments. The space itself, at once industrial yet cozy and convivial, is designed to evoke the concept of texture, with an eclectic melding of colors, textures, surfaces and fabrics. Renewable materials, such as recycled plywood and bamboo, are woven throughout. “I liken it to a groovy, elegant, Jefferson Starship meets Haight Ashbury, multi-textural vibe,” says Dickey.

In addition to basic salon services, Hair Rules New York will conduct advanced education classes for licensed hair dressers, as well as host events, including seminars and workshops that promote beauty, the arts and well-being.

“All hair is not the same, but we believe that all textures are created equal. Whether kinky, curly, wavy or straight, women should once and for all feel free to experiment with their style based on choice and freedom, rather than desperation,” says Dickey.

“Hair Rules is much more than a product line or a salon, it’s a movement,” explains co-founder Kara Young. “It’s a new way for women who have always struggled with their natural texture to learn to embrace it, enhance it and truly love it.”

Hair Rules New York opens in May at 828 Ninth Avenue (between 54th and 55th Streets). To book an appointment, please call 347.302.4344 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information visit www.hairrules.com.
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