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An inspiring and life-changing book from Joel Osteen **The #1 New York Times Bestseller, Now Available in Paperback**

7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day
By Joel Osteen

Under Pastor Joel Osteen’s leadership, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas has grown in every area of ministry and has become the nation’s largest church with one of the most diverse congregations. Approximately 45,000 people attend Lakewood services every week, and millions more tune in by television to hear Joel’s words of inspiration and wisdom. In his first book, Your Best Life Now, Joel presented readers with seven steps to living at their full potential, inspiring millions of people to live their best lives now. In BECOME A BETTER YOU: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day (Free Press; August 4, 2009; $15.00), Joel encourages readers to push themselves to the next level and embark on a remarkable, life-changing inner journey. When published in hardcover in 2007, BECOME A BETTER YOU became an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, spending an incredible 28 weeks on the list. “Whether life is going well for you, or life is collapsing right before your eyes,” Joel says, “we all want to be better,” and in BECOME A BETTER YOU he reveals seven simple yet profound principles that when taken to heart will help you become all that God has created you to be.

In today’s hectic world it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and fall victim to negative mindsets. In BECOME A BETTER YOU, Joel urges readers never to settle for mediocrity, and to focus on growing and aspiring to a more spiritually fulfilling life. As inspiring and accessible on the page as he is in person, Joel explains each of the seven principles in depth, how they work, and how they can be used to improve your life. He incorporates into the book key biblical principles and true testimonies that highlight how to put these principles into effect in your own life in a multitude of ways. “As we grow together,” Joel says, “God will continue to pour good things into our lives and He will indeed take us to places that we never dreamed possible.”

The seven principles in BECOME A BETTER YOU are:
Keep pressing forward: Shake off the past, let go of negative mindsets and recognize that God has good things in store for you. Recognize your “royal bloodline” and be aware that the decisions you make today will affect future generations as well as your own life.

Be positive toward yourself: Don’t be trapped by past mistakes; instead, start fresh by repeating positive affirmations and faith-filled words and maintaining a positive inner dialogue.

Develop better relationships: Help other people by encouraging them and looking for ways to be a blessing to others. Be determined to keep strife out of your home, invest in personal relationships and make all those you encounter feel important.

Form better habits: Create a routine that includes exercise and daily reading of the Bible. Become aware of negative habits and replace them with positive habits. Don’t let others distract you from your goals, and realize that you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness.

Embrace the place where you are: Turn your situation over to God, and look for glimpses of His goodness in everyday life.

Develop your inner life: Become aware of the people you spend your time with, and how they influence your life. Listen to the voice inside yourself; don’t make excuses —get down to the root of your problems.

Stay passionate about life: Look for ways to stay passionate about life, maintain your positivity and appreciation for God’s blessings. Do the right thing with the right motives, constantly look for ways to improve your life, and choose to go from believing to expecting.

“Becoming a better you is all about growing, learning, and improving,” Joel says. “The more you learn to trust God, the better you will be. He will continually expand your horizons if you do your part at becoming better in every area of your life.” A book that can dramatically improve lives, BECOME A BETTER YOU will encourage and inspire readers to reach their full, unique and God-given potential.

On November 3rd, Free Press will publish IT’S YOUR TIME: Finding Favor, Restoration, and Abundance in Your Life Every Day, which offers a hope-filled, faith-building plan for thriving in challenging circumstances and claiming your greatest future possible. The message is this: God has given you everything you need to change your life, and you must use that power to strive beyond your limits. The positive, timely message of BECOME A BETTER YOU (how to seize the day) will be perfectly coupled with the tangible concepts laid out in IT’S YOUR TIME (actually doing so).

Joel Osteen is the pastor of a new generation. Called by many “America’s voice of hope,” Joel was recognized as one of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” by Barbara Walters. Joel Osteen reaches a huge audience in the United States and across the globe. Tens of millions of people in more than a hundred nations worldwide are inspired through his weekly television broadcasts, his New York Times bestselling books, his sold-out international speaking tours, and his weekly top-ten podcasts. Joel and his wife, Victoria, are the pastors of America’s largest church—Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit

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