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Robert Freeland. Founder/Owner/CEO of Freeland Foods Inc/ Go Raw.Interview:

We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Freeland regarding his amazing compeny at Freeland Foods/GO RAW. Freeland Foods is a team of amazing individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry. We are committed to perfecting our “process”.

HigherRock: Robert, what was the idea behind the creation of the company?

Robert: I wanted to have a place where I could act as a role model for my children. I wanted to create an opportunity to eat healthy food and expose my children to healthier options.


KIANA TOM FitMomTV.com Interview

(By Sandy Ferri)

Kiana Tom is a television host, fitness expert, author, actress, and businesswoman. Kiana Tom is part Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish. Her name in Hawaiian means “calm water” or "moon goddess".

She was the star and founder of the fitness series, Kiana's Flex Appeal on ESPN and now has a new show called, "FitMomTV".

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