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Shields of Strength Women's 5 Charm Stainless Steel Jewelry Bracelet Review

(By Sandy)


About Shields of Strength: Since childhood Kenny Vaughan chased a dream of winning a national championship in water-ski jumping. That dream eluded him year after year, turning instead into a nightmare from which he couldn't wake. Year after dreadful year (15 to be exact) he'd make it to the national tournament only to lose in some dramatic fashion. Every year his friends and family would encourage Kenny assuring him that this year would be his year. With a confident smile and a bravado expected from an elite athlete, Kenny would tell them that they were right. Only he knew the truth. Only he knew how scared he was. Only he knew how fear had conquered him.


Clean Eating Magazine Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


I don't even know where to begin with this review except that this magazine is one the most put together, gorgeous and colorful magazines I've ever seen. I absolutley LOVE the colorful glossy cover.

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