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Deano's Pasta Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Courtesy of Deano's Pasta we had the pleasure of trying many of their Cheese Filled Pastas and Sauces.

Let's start with alittle bit about Deano's Pasta: A fourth generation company based out of their FDA approved factory in Somerville, MA. Deano's Pasta is a company who takes pride in what they bring to their buyers. Read more here: http://www.originalgourmetpasta.com/about/


GimMe Organic Seaweed

(By Sandy Ferri)

I had the amazing opportunity to try some Seaweed for the first time EVER! Courtesy of GimMe Snacks.

There are many benefits with Sea Veggies and especially Seaweed. I always heard Seaweed was good for your thyroid due to its Iodine content but NEVER tried it. I am not sure why I hadn't, maybe just the thought of eating seaweed, not quite sure.

I am SO glad I pushed through my issues and tried it and now I AM addicted to it LOL

I had the blessing to try the Teriyaki, Sea Salt and Toasted Sesame Roasted Seaweed and some Teriyaki and Sea Salt Seaweed Chips.

Seaweed Chips:


I always love any type of crunchy/salty chip and was so intrigued to try these. These are absolutely mind blowing.

I suggest you buy yourself a few different flavored Seaweed Chips and make sure you have a couple spare bags because you truly will be upset when their gone and you have no backup. These chips weren't too salty but just enough for anyone's salty craving and so tasty with a hint of their specific flavor.

I ate these alone but these could be used for parties with dips as well, road trips and so many other ways.

Roasted Seaweed:


I am SOOOO addicted to these bad boys. I am having a withdrawal as we speak not having any on hand. I took these on the road with me and snacked on them at work. I basically just ate them right out of the package in one night.

The salty and specific flavor were not over powering at all, just enough to please your taste buds.

If you NEVER gave Seaweed a chance PLEASE don't wait another minute to do so.

Please give GimMe Organic Seaweed a try and then you will probably want to email me a HUGE thank you :)

Check out their website at: www.gimmehealth.com

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