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Sweden's very own Erica Palmcrantz is a name you must be familiar with especially if you are into the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Erica's book titled "Raw Food the Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day" is such an amazing book filled with so much information and such delicious recipes that are very simple to make and easy to incorporate into your life. We had the chance to speak with Erica about her Raw Fod Lifestyle and her book.........

HR: How did you first find out or get into the Raw Lifestyle?

My first connection to the raw lifestyle was from cousin. She and her family has been raw for a long time and are running a business in the raw food movement.

HR:  What is the definition of Raw Food and how is it better for you health wise?

Raw food is vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fermented food, some grains, coldpressed oliveoil and honey. The food isn't heated above 115 fahrenheit, to save all the nutrients and living enzymes.

HR: Tell us the title of your book and how that came about? 

"Raw food the complete guide for every meal of the day" is a book how simple, easy and delicious raw food recipes is. We wanted to show this wonderful food in the full coloured pictures. I wanted to created something to people that is curious about raw food.

HR: You have to be creative to come up with differtent recipes, which I am not, how do you come up with some of the different recipes in your book or in your everyday life?

Raw food is self is very inspiring and creative! I make recipes of the fruits and vegetables I have at home and add som nuts to it - it is so simple to be your own raw foof chef.

HR: Do you have plans to do another book and what are some of your future plans, such as speaking about Raw Food, more Books, etc?

In Sweden we had another book published in May. This book will be published in the US fall 2011 - it is about raw food desserts, snacks and candy. Right now I'm writing on third book and in Sweden there will be a raw food cooking dvd released int the spring. I'm always up with new ideas - thats the thing about raw food - you get so much energy! 

HR: How have some of your family and friends adapted to your Raw Food Lifestyle?

My mum is a high raw vegan to, aswell as my husband and my daughter. My friends like my food and sometime they prepare it to me!

HR:  What is one of the myths or issues people have with the Raw Food Lifestyle?

One of the myths is that you are going to be hungry, that you will have no energy and that it is exepensive. It is the opposite! You have amounts with energy, you have a nice filling feeling after a meal and you don't spend your money on fast food. 

HR: Have you heard of any great healings for people once Raw Food was incorporated into their lives?

Every day people share their healing journeys with me, it is all from diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, depression, weigt problems. The list of the healing people do on raw food is endless.

HR: What are some of the foods you eat on a daily basis or a typical food journal of some of the foods you eat on a daily basis or just a days menu?

I love to eat avocado every day, greens, sprouts, apples, maca, cauliflower, oliveoil, buckwheat, sesame seed. I typical day for me is very depending if it is winter or summer. Wintertime I eat a buckwheat granola for breakfast, cauliflower couscous for lunch, tahinismoothie for snack and cabbage springrolls with avocado for dinner.

HR:  What are some of your future plans and what do you hope people get, message, regarding the Raw Food Lifestyle?

My future plans is to continue to spread the message through books, my website, and other media. I hope that people become more aware of how the food affects them and to follow their heart. My wish is also that people can be more connected to Mother Nature through appreciating her gifts to us, through food.

Go to Erica's Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/people/Erica-Palmcrantz/674587151 or even Erica's Twitter at http://twitter.com/RawfoodbyErica



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