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I had the chance to speak with Tim Weigard, spokesperson for Optimum Nutrition in regards to what his company has to offer to all of us.

1.) What makes Optimum Nutrition the Protein Professionals of the Sports Nutrition Industry?

The company was founded by two athletically active brothers (bodybuilding and team sports) in 1987 to provide consistent quality in the sports nutrition industry. The goal was to produce products representing the very highest standards that customers could always count on to mix easily, taste good and provide exactly what was stated on the label.

Since our Gold Standard 100% Whey™ is recognized as the best selling protein powder year after year, and our Gold Standard 100% Casein has been the best selling casein for almost as long, it appears that consumers appreciate our efforts. Our reputation for professionalism and commitment to helping active individuals achieve their goals can also been seen in a website we created to educate people about protein use and timing. www.ProteinReport.com was designed to provide useful information to beginner, novice and experienced athletes alike.

You’ve already visited www.OptimumSmoothie.com which we put on the Internet to help a very broad audience create protein shakes to help them gain or lose weight, recover/rebuild from exercise or enjoy as a meal replacement or dessert. We also just launched an inspirational website www.TrueStrength.com to present the personal stories of real people who conquered adversity to accomplish impressive feats.

A couple of preview stores have already been posted for you (and anyone else) to see. Then there’s our Twitter page (Team_Optimum) where we answer questions, interact with numerous Twitter users and regularly offer samples through fun mini-contests.

2.) What does Optimum Nutrition offer to their customers/or potential customers that other companies do not?

Optimum Nutrition is one of the few supplement manufacturers to produce all their protein powders and nutrition bar products at company owned and operated facilities. Not only do we insist on maintaining hands-on control over every step of the process, but our plant in Aurora, Illinois is NSF GMP Registered as well as AIB GMP Certified. We feel that our customers appreciate the fact that we hired not one but two of the world’s most respected quality organizations to inspect our processes and facilities.

3.) What are Optimum Nutrition's goals for their customers/or potential customer's in offering the best nutritional and best tasting protein shake along with any other product you offer?

To our way of thinking, your protein shake should do more than support weight management efforts and/or recovery from exercise. You should be able to easily mix up a shake using just a glass and spoon. That’s why all of our protein powders are instantized. Furthermore, we want our customers to look forward to each and every shake they make. So our Food Scientists put in the extra time and effort on flavor formulation. We think you’ll agree that the Velocity Vanilla Platinum Hydrowhey is an amazingly tasty treat, especially when you consider how bitter whey peptides are in raw form. The chocolate peanut butter Casein makes you feel like you’re cheating on your diet when you aren’t. If you check the Nutrition Facts panels on either of these products, you’ll notice that each serving has very low amounts of sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. Optimum Nutrition’s loyal customers don’t want those elements weighing down their commitment to clean eating. We take great pride in providing outstanding taste without the bad stuff that’s so often a component of great-tasting treats.

4.) Many people are looking for different results when it comes to their nutrition and exercise, such as; weight loss or muscle building. What are some of your best sellers in those categories?

Well, there’s Gold Standard 100% Whey and Platinum Hydrowhey which are both ideal first thing in the morning before a run or a trip to the gym. They also make very effective post-workout shakes for kick-starting the recovery process. Gold Standard 100% Casein digests more slowly and has an anti-catabolic effect, meaning it can help minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue that occurs after exercise, so your muscles can rebuild stronger than before. For weight loss, we have a meal replacement shake called Complete Protein Diet that has been around for quite some time, and is complemented by Optimal Protein Diet bars that are just 180 calories each.

5.) Optimum Nutrition is not just limited to great tasting protein shakes, what other products does your company have to offer?

Optimum Nutrition is also distinguished as one of the few sports nutrition companies to offer products in almost every category. We maintain full lines of diet and vitamin / mineral products along with protein bars, fish and flaxseed oil, dietary fiber and glucosamine, creatine, pre-workout and recovery supplements plus amino acid capsules, tablets, liquid and powder.

6.) What future plans and/or goals does Optimum Nutrition have in store for us?

As much as I’d love to tell you about the many new products Optimum Nutrition will be introducing this year, everyone enjoys a good surprise and, rest assured, many people will be pleasantly surprised with what we’re working on right now.

Check out Optimum Nutrition at: http://www.optimumnutrition.com/


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