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Deano's Pasta Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Courtesy of Deano's Pasta we had the pleasure of trying many of their Cheese Filled Pastas and Sauces.

Let's start with alittle bit about Deano's Pasta: A fourth generation company based out of their FDA approved factory in Somerville, MA. Deano's Pasta is a company who takes pride in what they bring to their buyers. Read more here: http://www.originalgourmetpasta.com/about/

altWe had the pleasure of receiving: Three Cheese Raviolis, Three Cheese Stuffed Shells, Shrimp/Portabella Mushroom Raviolis, Florentine Spinach, Ziti Penne, Marinara Sauce, Onesto Cream and Basil Pesto.

Ziti Penne w/Onesto Cream: This was such an amazing dish that truly words can't describe it. I am speechless with this dish. The Onesto Cream Sauce is made with fresh cream, pecorino romano cheese, a touch of sherry, garlic, and spices. This sauce was what truly made this dish eccellente'. My taste buds were bursting and dancing with such excitement while enjoying this amazing Deano's Pasta Dish.

Three Cheese Raviolis/Three Cheese Stuffed Shells/Marinara Sauce: I have tried many Cheese Filled Pastas especially being Italian and a lot of other companies cheese are a somewhat crumbly texture which isn't a bad thing BUT Deano's Cheese Filled Pastas cheese is so rich and creamy, the only bad thing is you will want to eat the whole bag of the pasta (LOL).

The pasta was cooked in enough time to make it delightful and then with their Marinara Sauce poured over, this was an Italian Explosion!!

Their Marinara Sauce is made with vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, olive oil, market basil, roasted garlic and onion with a touch of salt.

Florentine Spinach Raviolis: This was so tasty in which I did add some Marinara Sauce to this as well. I loved the spinach taste to it. All you spinach lovers grab yourself a few bags!! alt

I still have the Basil Pesto and the Shrimp/Portobello Raviolis to try. I am SO excited to try them both and will keep you updated.

Check out their site and their wide range of pastas at: http://www.originalgourmetpasta.com/



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