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Engage Seasonings Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


We had such an amazing opportunity to try these tasty and delicious Seasonings, courtesy of Engage Seasonings.

Let's start off with a little bit about the company:

Please click the link below and read their amazing story about how they were created at www.engageorganics.com/about-us

The three seasonings we received to try were; Garlic Saltless, It's A Dilly and Go Grill A Rub.

Garlic Saltless: This seasoning is an absolute must have in every kitchen. I can't stop using this one. I am addicted. It is SO tasty and so flavorful I can't seem to put this one down.

I have used this seasoning on roasted veggies, oven roasted potatoes, homemade sauce and ground turkey. The use for this seasoning is endless.

It's not overpowering but just enough to make your mouth do a dance.

It's a Dilly: Now this seasoning is probably my second favorite.

I used this on many of the same things as I did as the Garlic, such as, roasted veggies, oven roasted potatoes and a cucumber & tomato salad.

I will probably try this in scrambled eggs, deviled eggs and possibly some dips.

Go Grill A Rub: I haven't tried this one yet BUT we are hitting the grilling season here on the East Coast so I will update you on this one soon.

I definitely DO NOT want to run out of the Garlic Saltless, I think I would need counseling LOL

ENGAGE yourself in some of these flavorful seasonings. You truly will not be disappointed.

Website: www.engageorganics.com/

You can order here, just click the link: www.engageorganics.com/store



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