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Melissa's Produce should be a name that is known in everyones kitchen and lives.

We had the amazing opportunity to speak with Robert Schueller of Melissa's Produce to talk about their  humble begnnings to their tremendous success of currently being the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States.

Higher Rock Music: Thank you Robert for taking the time to speak with us with I imagine such a busy schedule.

Higher Rock Music: Who founded Melissa's Produce and when was it established?

Robert Schueller: Joe & Sharon Hernandez, 1984 

Higher Rock Music:  What was the reasoning behind offering organic produce?

Robert Schueller: Retailer customers started to ask for it back in the late 90's and then we say the potential for organics in the marketplace in early 2000's and that is when we started offering Organic certified under the Melissa's Produce label.

Higher Rock Music: What's your secret for having such fresh produce?alt

Robert Schueller: Farm to fork.. speeding up timing between growing area and the customers. We have over 1,000 grower that grow for us in the USA and imported from 40 different countries.

Higher Rock Music: Do you only do home delivery or can viewers find your amazing produce at stores?

Robert Schueller: Yes...via our site: www.melissas.com Easiest to find our product without shipping expense at local supermarkets in all 50 states.

Higher Rock Music: How did Melissa's Produce become so successful that your on a national level?

Robert Schueller: A produce brand that is trusted.

Higher Rock Music: Do you work with local farmers based where your located?

Robert Schueller: Yes.. We are located in Los Angeles and work with the most local farmers throughout Central and Southern California.

Higher Rock Music: How do you choose your farms and what produce to offer?

Robert Schueller: Grower has certified food safety practices in place like global gap certification, and also about produce quality.

Higher Rock Music: What should we expect to see from Melissa's Produce in the years to come?

altRobert Schueller: Melissa's is know for offerin the most unique produce offerings in the industry.. also the most innovation value added items. You will see more exciting Tropical Fruit varieties and more color vegetable offerings. Attached are also some of our newest offerings too.

Higher Rock Music: Thank you again Robert for your time and we wish you all continous success.

 Please check out their site at: http://www.melissas.com/


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