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Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Powder

(By Sandy Ferri)



Amazing Grass was kind enough to send us some of their NEW Plant Based Protein Superfood Powder to give it a try.

We weren't to sure what we were about to walk into with a Plant Based Superfood Powder. I have used other types of powders with greens and Superfoods in it and they were good, but you just NEVER know.

Let's start with.....

Much to our delight.....

Chocolate Peanut Butter: This one is truly delicious and I can drink it again and again with no problem. One of the best tasting powders I have ever experienced. This powder dissolves completely without any type of blender. It actually tastes like a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake! You can actually taste the Chocolate Peanut Butter which has such a nice taste. You can even add some vegan or regular ice cream for a great healthy shake

Pure Vanilla: This one is great for a base for your shakes. You can even add some frozen fruit to add alittle sweetness. This powder also dissolves completely without any type of blender.

Shaker Bottle: OMGoodness, I love the shaker bottle. It's convenient to throw in your purse and to take anywhere and have your shake anytime.

This bottle truly has changed my life. Now that I have this bottle I have been having a shake almost EVERY single day.

I would put this in my purse or bag without it being made BUT it has a very secure top/tight and seals completely. A really convenient size, more wider then taller. An extremely well made bottle.

The designer/creator should win some type of award or even employee of the month for coming up with this one. NO more excuses to skip your shakes!!!

WELL, now I am off to make my shake....be back in a few minutes to finish the review..........

(2 minutes later).....OK, got my shake, let's continue...

You can use water for these shakes or for an extra thickness I would use any type of nut milk or even regular milk if that's what you prefer.

Amazing Grass has so many products to choose from to improve your health & life.

Check out their site at: www.amazinggrass.com




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