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Shields of Strength Women's 5 Charm Stainless Steel Jewelry Bracelet Review

(By Sandy)


About Shields of Strength: Since childhood Kenny Vaughan chased a dream of winning a national championship in water-ski jumping. That dream eluded him year after year, turning instead into a nightmare from which he couldn't wake. Year after dreadful year (15 to be exact) he'd make it to the national tournament only to lose in some dramatic fashion. Every year his friends and family would encourage Kenny assuring him that this year would be his year. With a confident smile and a bravado expected from an elite athlete, Kenny would tell them that they were right. Only he knew the truth. Only he knew how scared he was. Only he knew how fear had conquered him.

Before the 1996 tournament, his girlfriend, Tammie (now his wife), knew something was bothering him. Kenny finally let down his guard and confessed his fears to her. She knew just what to do.....Click here to find out what she did: https://www.shieldsofstrength.com/about-us/

Now to the review.........

As I sit here typing this review for the 2nd time, due to it not saving the first. I am thinking of the feeling I get when I put this Shields of Strength Bracelet on my wrist. It reminds me of the astounding connection I have with the Lord. It is so uplifting and gives me such a sense of peace and comfort seeing the charms & scriptures. It brings such great joy to me.

This bracelet is VERY durable and strong, It gives me such a sense of peace knowing that it probably won't break, which would be extremely devastating!

The amazing part of it was when I choose this piece to review, I thought I should pick maybe a piece alittle cheaper in price so that the company wouldnt take a cost loss. Well Kenny wouldn't have it. He said, "If that was the piece I wanted, that was the piece I was getting. As long as I am getting the Word/Gospel out, that's all that matters"...WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That shows me how much their heart is into their company but more so their ministry. They will be blessed 100fold back for all they do. 

So just hop on their site and scroll through their wide range of pieces and please do yourself a favor and order yourself a few pieces, treat yourself and someone else. Bless them! 

Check out their site at: https://www.shieldsofstrength.com/


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