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Hidden Valley Cucumber Dill Greek Yogurt Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Hidden Valley truly has an amazing history of over 50 years of pleasing every taste bud in America.

Click the link for Hidden Valley's story: www.hiddenvalley.com/about-us/our-story

Thank goodness Hidden Valley didn't keep this dressing hidden from us, that wouldn't be a good thing (LOL) My household has ALWAYS used Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and the Powdered Mixes for salads and a dip that is always requested at parties from us, so we are not strangers to this Fantabulous company!!

We had the chance to try the Cucumber Dill Greek Yogurt Dressing and this dressing is absolutely out of this world!!! SO out of this world I had to take a plane to get back home (LOL)

It has a fresh clean taste to it with a bit of a crunchiness of the cucumbers and the dill just puts the finishing touch to this dressing.

I used this on my salad and I actually wanted more salad. This dressing will get you to add more salads into your daily/weekly regimen.

You can use this on some pasta salad or even marinate or cook your meat in it. I guarantee you it would add so much moistness and flavor to your meat. It would just fall apart. You can have a roast of some sort simmering in your cooker in this dressing for a dinner party. Your dinner guests would truly ask for the recipe and probably wouldn't leave your house until you gave them the rest of the bottle with the dressing in it (LOL). You can sautéed some shrimp in this as well.

You can even use this to dip your raw uncooked veggies in. Even your children would love it!

There is just so many options and recipes you can use this dressing for, its limitless.

The best is there is NO artificial flavors added to it and extremely less fat which makes it a better alternative to have in your refrigerator. 60 calories for 2 TB, not to shabby, ey'?

Click the link for some amazing recipes: www.hiddenvalley.com/recipe/?start=0

Check out their site at: www.hiddenvalley.com



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