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Mamma Chia Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


We had the opportunity to try some of Mamma Chia products, courtesy of Mamma Chia themselves :)

 I AM A huge Chia Seed Lover and use them on just about everything to anything.

The loose chia seeds I use in salads, smoothies, pudding and so many more delicious concoctions and a variety of recipes and ideas. I use them anywhere to get them in my daily regimen for their amazing health benefits.

I had the chance to try Mamma Chia Vitality Bars and their Mamma Chia Granola Clusters.

I absolutely love the Vitality Bars for a traveling snack, for after the gym, snack at work, really just about anything. They taste absolutely amazing! I think even children would love the taste of these and that would help you get some healthy fats into their bodies as well :)

The Granola Clusters are So filling in a nice bowl of almond milk or you can live wild and crazy and just pick them right out of the bag and eat them like that. They are so crunchy and delectable, you just can't stop eating them.

This company gives you so many ways to get your Chia Seeds in your daily routine.

"At Mamma Chia we are dedicated to offering the highest quality organic chia seed products. From our beverages to our food and snack chia products, all of our organic offerings are packed with Omega-3s, fiber and complete protein to help nourish your soul from the inside out." - Per their site

Check out more of their story at: www.mammachia.com/about-us

Chia Seed benefits: www.draxe.com/chia-seeds-benefits-side-effects

Check out their website at: www.mammachia.com


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