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San Francisco Salt Company Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Founder & President of San Francisco Salt Company, Lee Williamson turned his lifetime dream of owning his own company in 2002. He realized just a pinch of salt can totally turn any plain boring meal into a masterpiece.

We received three of their amazing salts to give a try:

Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt

Pacific Sea Salt

Ultimate Salt Blend

Who doesn't like a good salt to use for basically anything? Salt can be used from snacks (popcorn) to main dishes to bring them to a totally different level of spectacular.

Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt: This salt has a beautiful pinkish/red tint to it and is rich in nutrients and minerals. I take this salt with me everywhere I go because I WILL NOT use table salt. That is a HUGE NO NO for me!! I use this salt basically on everything.

One of things I love about this salt, besides its explicate taste is its texture. I run into a lot of salts that are very fine and light. This salt is more crystalized in texture and is a little crunchy when tasting it which I LOVE!! You only need a little bit, it goes along way.

Pacific Sea Salt: The granulation is perfect on this salt, it is white in color and contains no anti-caking agents. This salt can be used in basically the same things I use the Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt in. You can even use this in fermenting veggies/food.

Pacific Ocean Salt contains no additives and no iodine included

Ultimate Salt Blend: This salt has a blend of 100% natural Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt and Pacific Sea Salt.

What a creation to have ALL three salts that can blend together so well and add a deeper burst of flavor and taste to all your culinary dishes. You can use these for summer grilling, pot luck dinners, sprinkle some into your crock pot cooking and so many more options. Your choices are unlimited.

The quality of these salts is VERY high! Each salts flavor brings a new meaning to life to all of your meals.

I love the shaker bottles they come in which makes them easy to dispense into your foods and the bottle is easy to take with you, if you couldn't leave home without it.

Check out their website for a wide range of amazing products at: www.sfsalt.com/home

**Products courtesy of San Francisco Salt Company


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