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Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrapper Review

(By Melissa Deek)


I love to cook. When you love to cook, you want to try a new menu each week. My family loves Asian cuisine and I really wanted to try to make egg rolls or spring rolls.

My brand of choice was Blue Dragon Spring Rolls. The packaging says you can eat fresh or fried.

I cooked up my shredded cabbage, teeny pork pieces, shredded onions lightly leaving a slight crisp to the veggies....I combined fresh shredded cucumbers as well....

Now next came the hard part...I formed the first roll I made according to the box directions. It calls for you to soak the roll in water. When I did that, it fell apart. So the next roll I made, I dipped my fingers in water and lightly coated the roll with the water. That lightly wet the rolls and made them more flexible without soaking and becoming too soft. After that I tightened the roll and put it in the deep fryer...and viola! Delicious and crispy spring roll!!! I was pretty impressed with myself as I've had many friends tell me they were unsuccessful at making these.

The taste was light and airy. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We did try a few fresh rolls but my family preferred the taste of the fried spring roll.

I was really satisfied with this brand. When I reread the directions, I realized I may have exaggerated a bit with the soaking in water part but all in all this is a product you have to be patient with and take your time. If you aren't used to working with a paper like dough, a great tip is to be as delicate with the product as possible. You can't lose with patience and a delicate touch! If you still have trouble, you can try using a sushi making kit to help you wrap the roll without breaking the wrappers.

For more information on these and other Blue Dragon products, please visit them at: www.bluedragon.ca

**Products courtesy of Blue Dragon



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