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Organic Valley Product Reviews

(By Sandy Ferri)


I am a HUGE cheese lover and we had the chance to try quite a few of Organic Valley products, courtesy of Organic Valley.

This company has been family owned since 1988. They take pride in their products so that their buyers have a pleasant and more healthier meal or beverage every day.

A few quotes from their site:

"Organic Valley is not a corporation. We’re a cooperative. Owned and run by the farmers who grow the food, who milk the cows, and who bring you your cheese. Which means instead of arguing over how to grow profits, we’re discussing what’s best for our farms, our families and our food."

"At Organic Valley, we like to keep things honest and simple. Like dairy produced with no added hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. Produce grown the organic way, with none of the toxins or synthetic fertilizers. And cheese that was made by farmers and artisans who care about the environment, the animals and you—our customers."

We had the chance to try:alt

Organic Valley Cultured Unsalted Butter - This is the best tasting organic butter I have tried so far. I used this on pretty much everything and anything. It melts so well and tastes OH SO good. I love it on my baked potato. YUM!

Organic Valley Shredded Mozzerella - This is some good shredded cheese to put on your homemade pizzas, baked ziti and so many more other options that you would use this kind of cheese on. It melts and browns so nice and tastes absolutley blissful.

Organic Valley Shredded Mexican Blend - I loved this cheese as well. Amazing taste. I used this mostly on my salads.

Organic Valley Feta Cheese - If you would love some great feta cheese, grab this one. I used this in my salads and spaghetti squash. SO tasty and not to salty

They have such a wide range of products that keep you coming back for more.

The best was when I went to the refrigerator at home to get the butter for my potato and I only saw one stick left. That brought joy to me knowing my Mom was actually going for the Organic Valley Butter instead of the non organic margarine that she always uses. Knowing that my loved ones are giving their body a healthier dairy option make me SO happy!!

Be a smart block of cheese and grab some of their goodies when shopping next time :)

Check out their site at https://www.organicvalley.coop/

**Products courtesy of Organic Valley


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