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Passion Planners Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


To my surprise I received numerous Passion Planners in the mail recently, Courtesy of Passion Planners.

You can read a little bit about Passion Planners at www.passionplanner.com/our-story

Who doesn't like a good Planner in their lives to help promote balance in their schedules and a go to place to gather all their appointments, functions, to do list and so much more? I know I sure do!!

I thought Passion Planners was basically just this companies name BUT I was so wrong on that!

Passion Planner is so much more then just a basic Planner.

The Planner I received was 8.5 x 11", probably about the size a copier/printer paper, soft and durable faux-leather cover; animal and vegan friendly (which was a winner for me) and about 190 pages.

What I LOVE about this one particular Planner I am using is it starts you off with a "Passion Roadmap", which has you write out your vision and goals of what you would like to see happen within 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and lifetime. You write them out as much as you may know right now that you would like to see come to pass in those time frames. Then you proceed to create your FIRST Passion Plan.

Passion Planning is about:

Dream Big

Break it down

Work at it

What I love is they have the full month calendar where you write out ALL your scheduled appointments, functions, errands, calls that need to be made, etc....then they have each week of that particular month where you take from the full month calendar and add into each week.

Then to top it off even more at the end of each month, there is a monthly reflection question section to help keep you focused on your progress.

They also have 20 additional blank pages and 20 additional gridded pages.

SO the whole thing is PLAN your vision and goals, then lay our for that month and work on them weekly. How can you not reach your vision and goals by orchestrating a planned out job?!

I have found my FAVORITE Planner and can't see myself using any other!! They have so many to choose from on their site.

I received ones that started in August 2016, January 2017, and even ones that had no start date but you can manually put in your actual start date yourself.

As I have been saying lately in my reviews is the holidays will soon arrive and there is no better gift then to help someone fulfill their visions, goals and calling for their life.

Check out their website at www.passionplanner.com


**Products courtesy of Passion Planners




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