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With busy lifestyles and less time for ourselves it’s easy to be neglectful and not prioritize time for exercise. Talk to a busy person who has children to look after, who holds down a job, is a taxi service for the kids and then has to grocery shop, cook, clean and iron I just wonder how anyone gets time for themselves. Low energy is debilitating and can cause you to be a couch potato which can lead to overeating and choose junk food that is high in sugar and fat to help increase energy levels. Having low energy means you drag yourself through the day and can find it hard to get to all your chores and appointments. I know better than anyone how challenging it can be to get time for everything and the guilt that you feel when you fail so here are some positives to get the spring back in your step.


1. Feeling tired and lethargic can be caused from sitting around too much and being inactive. Going for a 30 minute walk will get your heart rate up, oxygize your body, get the blood flowing and lift your endorphins.

2. Being unfit means you have little if any muscle mass. Doing weights, swinging your arms as you power walk and moving your body in general will help strengthen your legs, arms and torso while building valuable muscle tone.

3. To build muscle mass and density, you need to eat whole food rather that processed junk food. Unhealthy food choices will slow your system down and pack on the kilos. Eating quality food will be used by the body to build muscle or act as fuel. Some suggest eating several small meals throughout the day will assist a sluggish metabolism and support the body.

4. You will get better results when trying to lose weight if you include exercise into your weekly routine. If you want to be slimmer, then do these two things and you will see great results - eat healthy food and be active, it’s that simple.

5. How much you eat also plays a part in how you perform throughout the day. Food is fuel to the body so look at how much food you have eaten over the day so that you have sufficient calories and nutrients so you can perform well during your workouts.

6. Making time for a workout and prioritize exercise in your diary.

7. Being active will help you feel energized, increase your self-esteem and for those who commit to a 30-45 minute session 4-5 times a week will bounce through the day, stand taller, sleep better and have more get up and go.

Please visit Annette's websites US www.symplytoogood.com or Australia www.symplytoogood.com.au for more tips and recipes.


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