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We had the opportunity to talk to "The Biggest Loser" contestant & police officer out of Keifer, Oklahome "David Jones".

We had to say goodbye to David a few weeks back which for alot of us was very disappointing.

This guy is the real deal. An unbelieveable guy whos love for his family is so strong & powerful that they can conquer all and anything together.

We  here at Higher Rock Music are so excited to see him at the finale.

David speaks with us reagrding the process which lead him to the ranch, his time there and alittle bit about his time at home.


HigherRockMusic: I want to thank you David for taking the time to speak with us here at "HigherRockMusic.com".

David: Thank you for taking the time for this interview! I know you must have a very hectic schedule.

HigherRockMusic: What made you decide to be a part of "The Biggest Loser" or even consider entering or auditioning?

David: During June of last year I attempted a foot pursuit of a suspect, and failed terribly. I went home and told my wife that I needed to do something. A short time later I found out about the Biggest Loser casting calls and decided to give it a shot.

HigherRockMusic: Going on "The Biggest Loser" you do have to open up a part of your personal life and feelings to the world. Was that a hard process to desk with?

David: It kind of happens as a natural part of the process. At first you're just worried about the physical part of the competition, but all that exercise clears your mind and after a while you're ready to find the answers, even if it means telling the American audience about it.

HigherRockMusic: The workouts seem very intense. Are they as extreme as they look and how hard was it for you to experience that type of workout?

David: They are far worse than anyone would believe. I've been in intense training as a teenager who played in several sports, and through the police academy more than twenty years ago. But all that pales to the intensity of these workouts. When our team was with Bob or Jillian the workouts would typically last a little more than three hours. And no breaks. If you wanted water, you'd better grab it on the way to the next set of exercises. There were times in that first couple of weeks where I actually worried whether my heart could stand the pace, or would simply explode out of my chest!

HigherRockMusic: You had an injury during your time on the ranch. You still did amazing with that injury. Do you think that held you back at all?

David: It definitely held me back. Even though I was successful for several weeks in weight loss, I really think that if was on physically on par with my team mates, my numbers would have been much higher.

HigherRockMusic: What are some of your favorite meals now compared to before?

David: Protein is my friend, and simple carbs are the enemy. That's simplistic I know, but what I've had to do are two things; prepare my meals in a different way, i.e., no breading and deep frying, and secondly the simple carbohydrate types of foods are out of my diet. Chicken, fish, and every once in a while a red meat are some of my favorites, and I grill those foods often. It's just a healthier way to prepare them.

HigherRockMusic: How supportive we're your fellow officers during this process and now?

David: Every one was very supportive, even though most of them told me there was no way they could 'bare all' to the American public, and let everyone in to their lives. But when I got home, they all saw a different me; not just physically but emotionally. They continue to marvel at the changes they see every week. I'm still losing weight and working out a lot, and they get to see the changes every day.

HigherRockMusic: Has it been tough since being eliminated keeping everything you learned and experienced in play?

David: Not really. When I got home I kept myself in a mental state that my priority was to get in as good a physical shape as possible for the finale. In the end, I'm doing this for me, because I want to stick around for a while. But I also want to inspire people, especially those my age and older, to get into shape and stay there. I want to look great on that stage, even though I may not win the 'at home' prize. So I made my family get on board with my goals. It may sound selfish, but doing it this way for a while is going to benefit the whole family.

HigherRockMusic: How is your family doing?

David: Everyone is doing really well. Tiffany has had a dental issue pop up, but hey, that's part of life. We have two daughter's that are both due to have children in April, and we're excited about that. I also have several family members, including two of my daughters (yes, I have a pile of kids) who have started a workout regimen, and are losing weight and getting into shape.

HigherRockMusic: What did you get out of this experience and what do you hope viewers get out of your experience on the ranch?

David: It really is that second chance to get it right. At my age they won't be many chances at do-overs. I really had to do this the right way, and the big benefit that I received was to find out more about who I was inside, and why I ate the way I did. Secondly I made friends with some people that remain with me the rest of my life.

HigherRockMusic: What should America expect to see from David at the finale?

David: What I want is for America to see that the oldest guy on the Ranch this season looks and feels great, and that if can do it, anyone can. I also want people to realize that for many people overeating is not the result of an addiction to the taste of food, but rather an underlying cause that causes people to seek solace in food. And that to find a solution to that problem you have to address the underlying causes. This has been one of the most important life changing moments in my life, and thanks for letting me share it with your readers. God bless you all, and remember, if you're gonna do this, hit it hard.

Check out the finale on March 18, 2013 at 8pm est. on NBC

David's Twitter: @Davidj6533@Davidj6533

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/biggestloser?fref=ts

BL Twitter: https://twitter.com/biggestlosernbc/following


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