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Robert Freeland. Founder/Owner/CEO of Freeland Foods Inc/ Go Raw.Interview:

We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Freeland regarding his amazing compeny at Freeland Foods/GO RAW. Freeland Foods is a team of amazing individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry. We are committed to perfecting our “process”.

HigherRock: Robert, what was the idea behind the creation of the company?

Robert: I wanted to have a place where I could act as a role model for my children. I wanted to create an opportunity to eat healthy food and expose my children to healthier options.


HigherRock: How did the name "GO RAW" for the company come about?

Robert: It was meant to be used only for our first bar, The Spirunlina bar, as it was created as an energy bar. The name of the company is actually Freeland Foods but the name “Go Raw” really stuck. When I was selling the products at farmers markets people were calling us, “The Go Raw Guys”.

HigherRock: What is the process of picking the product line/new products for "GO RAW"?

Robert: We make foods that we like to eat. Because of the standards that we have set years ago we have a limited amount of options with the ingredients we are choosing to use. All we’re trying to do is create awesome foods using the best ingredients, usually that process is relatively simple in design.

HigherRock: What are some of your big sellers?

Robert: Our pumpkin bar and spirulina chips are leading the pack right now by a narrow margin. It’s funny because I actually wanted to discontinue the pumpkin bar a few months after I created it many years ago. One of my favorite customers came to the farmers market demanding that I bring it back, so I did reluctantly. Goes to show how much I know.

HigherRock: You truly take pride in your company and your customers with your packaging of the product, manufacturing, sprouting, etc. What were your actual goals you wanted "GO RAW" to achieve?

Robert: I wanted Go Raw to be an inspiration to my children first, but ultimately to everyone. I wanted Go Raw to help us change the way me eat. Go Raw has helped bridge the gap between healthy food and tasty food. Hopefully we can continue to help make really healthy eating enjoyable.

HigherRockL Can someone purchase your product just online or are there retail locations available?

Robert: We currently are in over 2,500 retail locations in the US, Canada, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and soon to be in the UK and Trinidad.

HigherRock: Are there plans for new products this year?

Robert: We attend to launch new products every year. This year will be extra challenging since we are building our new Production facility in the bay area.

HigherRock: What should we expect to see from "GO RAW" in the future?

Robert: I am currently in San Diego creating, Go Raw L.I.F.E Center. It’s a Juice/Smoothie bar using only organic fresh ingredients. It will also be a raw food center. What I’ve noticed in my own life, is how difficult it is to eat Raw. So many people want to be healthy and know what it takes, but the convenience factor just isn’t there. With the raw food kit program that we are creating customers can finally eat Raw conveniently! They would sign up for a week or a month at a time, and come every morning to the Center. They would partake in an exercise program, followed by a fresh juice and pick up a large insulated tote bag filled with 10 Raw-vegan items. All the food they would need for the entire day will be in their kit! From cereals, salads, fruits, veggies,Go Raw crackers, cookies, chocolates, and specialty items. A few examples of specialty items would include: raw tacos, raw pesto pasta, raw lasagna, sauerkrauts, seed cheeses, ect. They won’t have to go shopping, cook, clean anymore! Not only will it be great for people, but great for the environment as well. Our long term goal is to open these centers across the country.

Go to theri website at:  www.goraw.com

Go Raw Attributes

100% ORGANIC Certification
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Nut Free (Nuts don’t sprout!)

-If you plant it, it will grow!
-Go Raw is the only packaged snack food in the world that can honor this

Manufacturing Facility:
We have our own Raw- Vegan, gluten-free, wheat free, nut free and dairy
free food manufacturing facility located in beautiful Mountain View, CA.
We do not co-pack and our facility is strictly for Go Raw use only.

We start with the highest quality confectionary grade 100% organic seeds
(local/fair trade when available) but even then there is still a chance
that impure seeds, rocks, glass and other foreign particles have slipped
into the mix.  Our State of the art Sorting machine determines the purity
of our seeds with exceptional accuracy within a split second. On the basis
of color, shape or other optical properties, defective items and foreign
material are identified and separated from the product stream. Leaving
only the best seeds to make their way to the next step.

X-Ray Machine:
We have implemented an X-Ray machine to scan for any foreign particles
that may have tried to sneak in. We want our final product to be of the
upmost highest quality possible and are taking every precaution to achieve
this. This X-Ray machine has been approved by our Organic Certifiers and
is completely safe.

Washing of the Seeds:

Washing of the seeds is taken very seriously here. Seeds are from the
ground thus very dirty. We want to ensure that they are completely clean,
so we have a special seed washing machine that thoroughly washes them 3
times in purified water.


While all raw foods contain enzymes, sprouts are the most
enzyme dense food on the planet. The most rapid part of growth of a plant
is during its initial stages as a sprout, dehydrating the seeds at this
stage of their cycle preserves this precious state and passes along these
vital enzymes.

Once our seeds have been sorted, washed, and sprouted, we mix in the other
Organic ingredients.

Hand Spread Products:

Products are shown with the utmost respect and carefully spread out onto
trays by hand.

Custom Dehydration System:
We were unable to find a dehydration system that lived up to our standards
so we custom designed our own. Our Dehydration system is fully regulated
and controlled to maintain the proper humidity, temperature and water
activity levels to achieve a superior product. Our Dehydration system
maintains an average temperature of 97 degrees, ensuring that our sprouted
seeds are still alive and well. If you plant them they will grow!


All of our products are packaged in house by our dedicated staff.

Refrigerated Storage:
All of our ingredients and finished products are kept in refrigerated
storage to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained.

Company Size:
We are a dedicated group of 35 individuals who work hard to achieve a
common goal; to provide the public with the highest quality, healthiest
snacks in the world!

Employee Welfare:
All full time employees receive full benefits package. They are cared for
and recognized as individuals.

Pleasing Environment:
Our Facility is located in a quiet residential neighborhood of sunny
Mountain View, California. Well ventilated, temperature controlled, and
sunlit; it is our home away from home.

Simple Line:

We offer a simple option of cereal, sprouted seeds and, flax crackers.
Just the seeds, without any added sweetener. These are especially good for
those who have intolerance to sodium, sugar, or fructose. Perfect for
adding your own flavor, or for using in recipes

New Products:
2011 brought many new changes to Go Raw, including some new items. With
all of the success we have had with our Cookie line, and a high demand for
more wonderful flavors, we have developed a few new tantalizing treats.
Chai, lemon, and carrot cake cookies are joining the line up! Also joining
the group are two new wonderful chocolates; chocolate mint, and chocolate

We understand that many people are concerned about the health risks of
agave nectar. We have decided to remove agave from many of our products
including our apple cinnamon cereal, chocolate cereal, and the chocolate
cookies. We have realized that fruit based sweeteners are the healthiest
option, thus we have started implementing them into our recipes instead.
Another change to be noticed is the size of our bars. Previously at 51
ounces each, they were intended as a meal replacement with a higher retail
price point of $2.99. Now at 12-14 grams each and a lower retail price
point of $1.29 consumers won’t hesitate to grab a few.

2012 has already been an incredible year for Go Raw. We have secured our
products into conventional grocery store chains including Kroger’s, and
Safeway’s across the US. Our sales continue to increase significantly, and
with that comes an expansion into a larger, eco-friendly Californian
facility expected to happen in 2013!


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