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KIANA TOM FitMomTV.com Interview

(By Sandy Ferri)

Kiana Tom is a television host, fitness expert, author, actress, and businesswoman. Kiana Tom is part Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish. Her name in Hawaiian means “calm water” or "moon goddess".

She was the star and founder of the fitness series, Kiana's Flex Appeal on ESPN and now has a new show called, "FitMomTV".

HR Music/Sandy: First and foremost I want to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview for "Higher Rock Music". . I know your you must be extremely busy and your time is very valuable.

I have been a HUGE fan of yours for many years, watching your exercise shows an even at one time trying your protein powder, which was great!

Kiana: That is wonderful to hear, Sandy! Thank you for contacting me for the interview! What fun! I love your website, it's fabulous!

HR Music/Sandy:  What got you involved in fitness  originally?

Kiana: Role models! I was raised in an athletic family. Both parents played tennis and took us snow skiing every winter. I started playing tennis at age 5 and soon started weight training to increase my strength. Once I started noticing my body becoming stronger and more shapely, I was hooked. Strength, function and vanity - that worked!

HR Music/Sandy: What made you decide to take some time off to start a family, which is so deserved?

Kiana: Good question! While I was hosting Kiana's Flex Appeal, I was also traveling hosting other television shows 2-3 weeks of the month. It was an exciting way of life and I loved the chance to travel and see the world. I got to go to Japan, Peru, Brazil, Alaska, all over the world. However, on a personal level, this isn't conducive to a long term relationship. I knew I wanted to have children so my instinct told me that I needed to slow down. One day I took a look around me and saw my big quiet house with 7 bedrooms for just me and my dog!? I realized I had a lot of friends, fun boyfriends, but hadn't put much effort into any type of true, lasting relationship. I decided to focus on finding one special man who had the lasting qualities. We have been married almost 10 years and have 2 healthy, silly little girls ages 4 & 9. Now my house is full and never quiet! I love it!

HR Music/Sandy: How did Fit Mom TV come about and what were your goals/mission with Fit Mom TV?

Kiana: When I created Kiana's Flex Appeal, my mission was to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle through fitness and healthy food. That is still my mission. Now that I am a Mom, it is even more important to be a role model for my family. My goal is to be a key source of information for Moms to come back to and discover new exercise routines, learn time saving fitness tips, try new healthy recipes. I created Kiana's Fit Mom TV to reach a new demographic of busy moms.

Being a Mom means you need short cuts and time savers. As a fellow busy mom, I want the information fast. I don't want to know the why or the how, just tell me the best information: Do the homework and research for me. Kiana's Fit Mom TV does just that, for busy moms. Fitness. Food. Family. I have so many tips that include exercise, fitness, nutrition, time management, healthy recipes / snacks to help Moms balance their lifestyle and be healthy Fit Mom role models.

A little background: While taping Kiana's Flex Appeal I had many women tell me, "Just wait until you have kids and see if you're still in shape!" I took that as a challenge. My kids are 4 & 9 and I feel in better shape now than pre-kids. The biggest challenge was and still is, time. Pre-kids I could workout for hours and take my time. Now I am grateful to fit in 20 -40 minutes. I do agree that it is very challenging to get back into and stay in pre-kid shape. After working in the TV and Fitness industry for 20+ years, I took the thousands of workouts I'd written and selected the very best routines and exercises to make them apply just to Moms. Now I am able to do an entire, challenging, results guaranteed workout in 20 minutes per day. I truly feel stronger now than I did pre-kids.

HR Music/Sandy:  Your website has so much informative information for your viewers to grab a hold of...will you be adding anything new or changes?

Kiana: Good question. I love the website we had designed, but I feel we've outgrown it. We need more functionality to grow. I am actively looking for a web designer who can help layout and organize all of the ongoing ideas I have to help Moms. I would like to stream line the site so that it easier to navigate and to make it easy to update content. We are developing a mobile app which will be helpful for Moms on the go. I always refer to www.FitMomTV.com for my own recipes when I am cooking in the kitchen. It's so convenient to use and when I'm at the grocery store. Hm. I think I'll place a personal ad: Fit Mom seeking Tech Savvy Mom. Interested? email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

HR Music/Sandy:  What are some of your favorite foods you eat on a regular basis and one of your favorite recipes?

Kiana: Here are the Top 5 Fit Mom Food Items in my refrigerator right now: Fage Greek Yogurt, Kale (for steaming and juicing - a real super food!), assorted fresh fruit, chicken breast, eggs (I'll hard boil a dozen and eat the whites), coconut water - love, love, love it! Recipes: I look for recipes that I can make in 15 minutes or less and that use as few pots and pans as possible (think 1 pan is best!) I will take a family recipe and modify it so it's healthier and has more protein, fiber, less sugar. I will perfect it and then make it over an over. Here is a recipe that I am loving right now: KIANA'S FIT MOM CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD http://fitmomblog.fitmomtv.com/2011/06/whats-for-dinner-tonight-chinese-chicken-salad-my-kids-ask-for-2nds-and-3rds/I love it because it's super crunchy, loaded with veggies and clean protein, is a beautiful / colorful salad and believe it or not, my kids ask for 2nds and 3rds of this salad. The recipe for KIANA'S CHINESE SALAD DRESSING is there too http://fitmomblog.fitmomtv.com/2010/06/asian-sesame-salad-dressing/.

HR Music/Sandy:  If someone as myself is trying to lose weight and to be > more healthier, what advice or tips on food and exercise would you give?

Kiana: Baby steps. The key is to set realistic goals that you CAN accomplish which will in turn inspire BIGGER goals. For example, If you / or someone doesn't exercise at all, perhaps start by brisk walking 20 min. then 40 min. then light jogging, then weight training. FOOD: Start by taking the time and awareness to make 1 meal per day as healthy as possible, then 2, then snacks....Get a few WINS under your Fit Mom Belt and it will snow ball...,,

HR Music/Sandy:  Whoa re some of your favorite fitness gurus that have inspired you to walk this journey?

Kiana: My grand mother who went sky diving on her birthday at age 70, was the sole provider for 5 kids and the 1st Chinese woman to sell a million dollars of life insurance back in the early 1900's. This was unheard of back then. She was driven, smart, happy, charismatic, a shrewd business woman, fun, silly and very kind. She passed away at 98. What a dynamic woman in any decade.

HR Music/Sandy: Any particular music/CD's we would catch you listening to during your workouts?

Kiana: I have to workout to music and love all types of music especially rock. On my Nano is: Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull. Shameless plug: "Kiana" written by Dennis Williams a very talented Rock Guitarist wrote the song for me. It's available on iTunes.

HR Music/Sandy: What else should we expect to see in the future from Kiana?

Kiana: Working on putting together a remake of "Kiana's Flex Appeal!" Fox Sports is interested and we are shopping it to other networks too.

HR Music/Sandy: Any closing words to our viewers or your fans :)

Kiana: Be kind to yourself. Exercise should GIVE you energy, NOT make you feel tired. Focus on the moment. I feel (and I am guilty of this too) that we are all too busy, too rushed, too fast. Slow down, really look around. Appreciate the sunset, the color of the ocean and trees. Life is short. Count each and every blessing. Hold your kids close. Say something kind to everyone you encounter during the day. Pass on good vibes and positive energy to everyone you meet. Breathe.

HR Music/Sandy: Thanks again for doing this, this is VERY exciting for me.

Kiana: You are very welcome, Sandy. Best in health to you always and let us know when it's LIVE! In health, Kiana Tom


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