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Café Mam Coffee Review

(By Melissa Deek)


Being an at home mother of 3, I need a good cup of coffee to get me going. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my coffees. I like it strong but not so harsh and bitter. I seem to want my cake and eat it too...Its hard for me to find a good brand that delivers...so I've been known to switch coffee brands regularly.

Then I came across Cafe Mam Organic Coffee. I tried the medium roast. I was surprised at how strong it was! 1 cup and my entire house was cleaned in 2 hours hahahaha...

I really liked the taste too! It was a stronger brew but doesn't have that bitter taste you'd expect. It had a low acidity to it as well which made it less harsh on my stomach. Coffee in general is a natural appetite suppressant so I still had that full feeling that coffee normally leaves in your stomach. But I didn't get that "sick to my stomach" feeling that stronger coffees leave. It did had almost a hint of a berry after taste which I found interesting until I read on their website that the medium roast does have a clean, fruity taste. I recently found out that the lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee. So if you are looking for a lighter brew you might want the dark roast.

I have to say I don't buy everything organic but Cafe Mam Coffee definitely had a freshness to it that I haven't had in any coffee. I do keep my coffee in an air tight container and it stayed fresh until I finished the bag. I see on their website they also sell whole beans so if you are like me and enjoy grinding your own beans that's available too!

For more information on Cafe Mam Coffee, you can visit their website at: www.cafemam.com

**Products courtesy of Cafe Mam Coffee


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