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OKABASHI Sandal Review

(By Sandy Ferri)  


A quote from their site:

"Okabashi is a family owned business that has focused on designing and manufacturing extremely comfortable shoes for more than 30 years. Since 1984, we have set ourselves apart from the other major footwear manufacturers by producing a shoe that is much more than a shoe."

Read more by clicking the link www.okabashi.com/about-us

We had the opportunity of receiving their Cross Strap Sandal in Brown.

Truthfully, these are one of the most comfortable sandals I have worn in quite awhile.

I usually don't care for sandals or shoes with no backing because they always seem like they are going to come off and I am going to walk right out of them BUT these sandals are totally different. I put these sandals on and right away my foot fit firmly into the front part of the sandal and kept my foot in place and had absolutely NO issue with it being loose or falling off. It wasn't tight, fit perfect.

They seem very durable and would last you for probably a few years. Their quality and production of the sandal is not cheap at all. Their pricing is EXTREMELY reasonable and would fit into anyone's budget.

If  you have the same issue with not liking no backing on shoes, these would absolutely work for you.

Check out their site for my foot goodies at www.okabashi.com

**Products courtesy of Okabashi



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