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Fressko Brew As You Go Glass Flask Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


Courtesy of Fressko we received a gorgeous Brew As You Go Glass Flask.

This is an absolutley beautiful 300ml, 10oz Brew As You Go Glass Flask with a light wood twist cover/lid. That means this will work with hot or cold beverages and even a fruit infuser water bottle.

Here are some of their recommended uses for their Flask: Tea, Coffee, Fruit-Water, Smoothies, Detox Recipes, Water and Juices.

These Fressko Brew As You Go Flasks are a great idea for morning commuters, running errands, headed to the gym, use at work.....truly everyone this Flask would work for.

It is so easy and simple to use!!

Simply add your loose leaf tea or instant coffee to the strainer holder that is inserted in the Flask and out your hot water into the Flask and let it do its job brewing (Please be careful when pouring the hot water into the Flask). I personally add my creamer and sweetner of choice first, then the grounds and water to the Flask before it starts brewing so I can drink it while driving.

I love having it at work because it is an amazing coversation piece. All you do is place it with your beverage of choice on your desk and within minutes you will have a few people at your desk inquiring what it is, what you have in it and where can they get one. If by chance you walk away from your desk and come back and it's missing...definatley put and APB out for it (LOL)

Remember folks, the holidays are coming and these would make GREAT Christmas gifts for just about anyone.

You can purchase this exact one at this link https://madebyfressko.com/us/product/rise-fressko-flask-300ml/ or go their main page and see all their other Flasks they have https://madebyfressko.com/us/:

 **Product courtesy of Fressko






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