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Entenmann's 12 Crumb Mini Donut Review

(By Sandy Ferri)


What a joy it was to open this box and find these delightful Entenmann's 12 Mini Crumb Donuts.

I love any type of crumb cake or snack cake so these little beauties where all I needed to please my sugary sweet tooth.

They did break into pieces during the delivery but that was no ones fault but probably the bumpy roads of transit. That didn't stop us from guzzzling these bad boys down. It actually made them into smaller pieces that we could pick on them throughout the day. I was kind and shared them with a few people. Actually, the next day someone asked if we had anymore BUT we did not.

They were so moist and tasty that it leaves you wanting more. It's almost as if you can't stop at just one.

You can eat these alone, pack them for on the go and work snacks, kids snacks and even DUNK them in your coffee and enjoy them that way.

Do yourself a favor and grab a box of these goodies and also grab an extra box and treat your coworkers to these and you will probably be employee of the next month.

*Product courtesy of Entenmann's.

CLick the link to bring you right to the product http://www.entenmanns.com/op-prod.cfm/prodId/7203002233/catId/5

Check out Entenmann's full website at http://www.entenmanns.com/op-main.cfm


**Product courtesy of Entenmanns



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